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Ticket #177 (new defect)

Opened 10 years ago

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Syntax Parser Fails on Aliases in Template Arguments?

Reported by: debio Assigned to:
Priority: major Component: descent.core
Version: 0.5 Keywords: parser alias HashMap HashSet


I'll have to come up with some example code to show what I'm seeing, but I'm having problems with templates. I'm running Tango 0.99.8, which has tango.util.collection.HashMap? and tango.util.container.HashMap?. I can use the collections one fine without the parser complaining, but if I use the one from containers, I get "No Property for type 'void'" on the constructor call, and all sorts of errors thereafter. I think the problem is this. The HashMap? from collections is declared like this:

deprecated public class HashMap(K, V) : MapCollection!(K, V), HashParams

Nice, sweet, simple. The one from containers looks like this:

class HashMap (K, V, alias Hash = Container.hash, 
                     alias Reap = Container.reap, 
                     alias Heap = Container.DefaultCollect) 
                     : IContainer!(V)

I'm guessing that the syntax parser is choking on the aliases? I'll make some sample code to check it out.

Oh, and should I make a separate ticket to request that Descent give a warning when a deprecated class is used?

I'm not sure exactly where the parsing code falls, so I'm putting this under descent.core.


ParseTest.d (409 bytes) - added by debio on 06/12/09 04:30:08.
This file doesn't compile. It contains a very cut down version of HashSet?.
WorkingParseTest.d (20.9 kB) - added by debio on 06/12/09 04:32:50.
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Change History

06/12/09 04:30:08 changed by debio

  • attachment ParseTest.d added.

This file doesn't compile. It contains a very cut down version of HashSet?.

06/12/09 04:31:00 changed by debio

Note: When I say "this file doesn't compile," I mean that the syntax parser finds errors, but the compiler doesn't.

06/12/09 04:32:50 changed by debio

  • attachment WorkingParseTest.d added.

See next comment.

06/12/09 04:35:06 changed by debio

WorkingParseTest?.d is the same as ParseTest?.d, except that I replaced "public import tango.util.container.Container;" with the full content of tango/util/container/Container.d, without the "module" statement. The parser accepts this, even though it should be treated just like the original file.

06/12/09 04:36:16 changed by debio

  • keywords set to parser alias HashMap HashSet.
  • version set to 0.5.