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Ticket #17 (new defect)

Opened 12 years ago

Last modified 12 years ago

Gdb in linux can't find path

Reported by: asterite Assigned to: asterite
Priority: major Component: descent.launching
Version: 0.3 Keywords:


Check gdb in linux to see if gdb can find the program's executable path. If not, fix it.

Change History

06/09/07 15:26:39 changed by larsivi

Remove the quotes around the executable and this particular thing works. Line 61 in DescentLaunchConfigurationDelegate?.

There is a similar issue with gdb not finding source files when trying to add breakpoints. Removing the quotes around those files did not seem to work though.

06/09/07 15:34:58 changed by asterite

Ok, I can remove the quotes if the path has no spaces in it, but otherwise... what can be done? Just show an alert to the user saying "Sorry, gdb doesn't work with path with spaces?" ?

I can do the same for breakpoints... Althought I wonder if theres a way to use gdb with spaces. I've searched, asked the NG, and Jascha told me that quotes work. I tried that on Windows and it did work. It's strange it doesn't work on linux...

06/09/07 20:34:54 changed by larsivi

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I was a bit unclear, using quotes on the commandline works fine, it's from within Eclipse that it is a problem. No idea what it is.

As for the other problems, don't bother for me just yet, I need to recompile GDB, there's no D support in my installation atm.

I don't mind testing out potential fixes later, though as I've checked out the plugins from trunk.

06/14/07 01:36:07 changed by asterite

Hi larsivar,

Can you update your SVN copy and see if now gbd works under Descent? I've made the plugin only use quotes when needed (i.e. the argument has spaces), so for paths without spaces it should work ok. For paths with spaces... as you said, they are pretty rare in linux, so I won't worry about this now.

08/26/07 05:19:04 changed by asterite

Hi larsivar,

Can you check this now works with Descent >= 0.4.1?