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Ticket #143 (new defect)

Opened 10 years ago

Last modified 10 years ago

Text automatically get selected after pauses in typing causing overwrites

Reported by: Anonymous Assigned to:
Priority: major Component: descent.ui
Version: 0.5 Keywords:


Overall, I am quite pleased with the progress you have made with this IDE. You are doing a fantastic job. The problem that really bothers me is that on occasion, as I am typing, the text I just typed will become selected and then subsequent typing will overwrite it. This happens ever so often on the 0.5.3 20081220 build.

Change History

12/29/08 09:08:03 changed by ssteel

I noticed this happens when manually editing a class name in a module.

12/29/08 22:19:05 changed by ssteel

One more note for clarity (it just happened again for me). It only seems to happen when typing in the top level of module scope. Functions, class names, interfaces, etc. Also, the cursor will sometimes jump to the top of the file when this event occurs causing me to type over the module keyword.

12/29/08 22:23:40 changed by asterite

Can you check this is happening only when "link to resource" (the button with two yellow arrows in the Project Explorer) is selected?

12/29/08 23:07:08 changed by ssteel

  • priority changed from critical to major.

Looks like it. I'll keep watching it. Now that I know why it happens, I can avoid it. Thanks a million.