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Ticket #131 (new defect)

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"Content Assist" did not complete normally.

Reported by: mbrotz Assigned to:
Priority: blocker Component: descent.core
Version: 0.5 Keywords: autocompletion exception nullpointer nullpointerexception



I did a fresh install of Eclipse 3.2 and then downloaded the nightlybuild and installed it. This did work fine.

I have a manual installed dmd with tango and dsss. Descent does not recognize this automatically, so i have added a compiler under "Window" -> "Preferences..." -> "D" -> "Installed Compilers".

Because i am using tango instead of Phobos, i have removed the entry in the list "Compiler system libraries" and added a new one as you can see it on the image:

After importing my project, i have opened my main d-file and tested the autocompletion. The following error was occured:

The whole logfile is attached.

I hope, this helps fixing the bug.



.log (247.8 kB) - added by mbrotz on 10/11/08 20:35:28.
The logfile of Eclipse

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The logfile of Eclipse

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Hi mbrotz,

I'll need the file (module), or part of it, that triggers the error. I can see the NullPointerException? happens in a CallExp? (an invocation), but without some source code I can't really know why it happens.