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Ticket #114 (new defect)

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Not correct autocompletion

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Priority: major Component: descent.astview
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Sometimes I don't get the correct autocompletion (see the attached file, line 24). In that example I first get suggestions from object.di, then from dwt.internal.objc.runtime and then last from dwt.internal.objc.objc (dwt.internal.objc.objc imports dwt.internal.objc.runtime as private). It should only show suggestions from dwt.internal.objc.objc. BTW I have enabled "hide non-imported *" in the settings.


NSTextTableBlock.d (1.7 kB) - added by doob on 08/06/08 11:50:56.

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Oh BTW it should only show "id" because it's the only thing I'm importing.