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The derelict wiki still said "Welcome to (project)", so I copied some stuff from the Derelict documentation into the wiki, and added some useful info and links. I don't know how to install Derelict on Windows, please add that.

Welcome to Derelict

Derelict is a collection of D bindings to C shared (dynamic) libraries which are useful for multimedia applications, with a heavy bias toward game related libraries.

Download Derelict: here

Derelict Forums: here

Documentation: here


Here is a list of the libraries that Derelict currently supports:

  • OpenAL
  • OpenGL
  • OpenGL Utility Library (GLU)
  • GLFW
  • DevIL, ILU, and ILUT
  • SDL
  • SDL_image
  • SDL_mixer
  • SDL_net
  • SDL_ttf


Derelict supports some useful features for project development, including:

  • Cross platform compatability with shared libaries - Code that is developed on a Windows machine will compile on a Linux machine, provided both machines have the necessary libraries.
  • Selective symbol loading - This helps your application support machines that don't have the same version of a library as the development machine. Specify what parts of a library your application will use, and the program will work with all versions of the library that support those features.

Getting Started

To start using Derelict, you will need Derek Parnell's Build Utility and the latest Derelict source directory.

For Windows

Please add installation instructions for Windows here.

For Linux

cd into the directory with
Type the following:

cd Derelict
chmod 755
cp lib/* /usr/lib/.
cp -r Derelict*/derelict .
mv derelict <DMD BASE DIRECTORY>/src/phobos/.

See the Derelict documentation for specific details on a particular package. If you are having problems installing or using Derelict, please visit the forums.