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Source Contributors

The following people have contributed code to the D DBI project.

  • Jeremy Cowgar (jeremy_c)
    • D DBI founder
    • SQLite3 DBI driver
    • MySQL DBI driver
    • PostgreSQL DBI driver
    • Previous PostgreSQL C interface
  • James Pelcis (jpelcis)
    • Current D DBI maintainer
    • InterBase C interface
    • mSQL C interface
    • PostgreSQL C interface
    • InterBase Subproject admin
    • mSQL Subproject admin
    • Oracle Subproject admin
    • PostgreSQL Subproject admin
  • Mark Delano (MarkD)
    • Previous ODBC DBI driver

I want to take the time to thank these people for their hard work. Without them and their contributions to the project, this project would not be.