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Welcome to Dang

A D compiler written in D, with LLVM backend

About Dang

Dang is an attempt to make a compiler that can compile a subset of D into LLVM. The project have been inspired by clang a lot and some of the ideas you see in clang is used in Dang as well. The cause of the name is therefore clang where the d is replaces, and the 'l' thrown away.

If you want to hear more about this project or how you can help, look us up at #dang on

Take a look at Features and Goals to learn more about the state of the compiler and our thought of it.

Also, if you have heart about llvmdc and dil compilers, the a look at the WhyDang page.

Anders Johnsen aka skabet
Anders Halager aka anders0

Getting the source

The source is available at

hg clone dang

Note that you need the newest llvm(svn) and the llvm-bindings from the llvmdc project. If there is a llvm.patch file in the hg-root, you would need to apply this to the llvm-bindings.