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Project Status

Developments appears to have stalled with changeset 119 on 10-18-2008.

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Cashew is a namespace package for simple but useful D. Minimalistic libraries, proof-of-concept code, single-module utilities, and the like are the expected residents. Anyone is free to suggest or contribute to Cashew. Cashew is meant to be used with the Tango Runtime Library. Certain modules of Cashew maintain usable Phobos support, but this is not universal -- see the documentation for individual sub-packages and utilities for whether they support Phobos.

Current branches of the Cashew Tree include:

  • cashew.cgi: utilities for use in CGI and related programs, currently only URL encoding.
  • cashew.json: working with the JSON data format. (See for more on this format.)
  • cashew.utils: single-module utilities, such as array functions and a unittest prettifying framework.
  • cashew.sys?: system utilities, currently only access to the environment variables (Tango users should use the equivelant Tango module instead).

Some statistics for Cashew may be found at

The Cashew package is made available under the Artistic License 2.0 (aka Perl6 License), except for any portions which may be marked as being public domain. Any contributions to Cashew must be understood to be either in the public domain, or released under the Artistic License 2.0, without exception. If you feel any portion of Cashew is in violation of this understanding, please make us aware.


The latest version of Cashew can be obtained by checking out the code from our subversion (svn) repository. The URL is Using a standard command-line svn client, the code can be checked out using the command:

   svn co cashew

If you need help getting started using Subversion, the dsource front page has some links.

Users of DSSS can just use 'dsss net install cashew' to get the most recent head revision installed as a source library.


The original instigator of the Cashew project was Christopher Nicholson-Sauls. There have been several other contributors, including (in alphabetical order):

  • "baxissimo"
  • Bill Baxter
  • David Medlock
  • David Qualls
  • Dustin Pate
  • Mikola Lysenko
  • Reiner Pope
  • Sean Kelly

And possibly others.


The Cashew package as a whole does not have a single unified version. Rather, each sub-package (library) maintains its own version, with the special exception of the cashew.utils package which contains single-module utilities each with their own version.

Other Projects

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