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General purpose, single-module libraries. Anything goes here. Descriptions of current residents are below.

cashew.utils.Array -- 0.14.0

Templated array functions suitable for use as pseudo-members. This includes everything from indexing, to intersections, and front- and back-oriented stack like behavior, and mapping elements to delegates. It is best to read through this module to get a feel for what is available. Or, you can visit the [full documentation here?].

cashew.utils.Benchmark -- 0.4.1

Program benchmarking utilities, or more accurately, classes meant to be scoped to blocks of code you wish to time. Both simple time-lapse and baselining classes are available. More documentation is [here?].

cashew.utils.Binary -- 0.1.0

Binary search functions for arrays, from Bill Baxter.

cashew.utils.Sfv -- 0.1.1

A class for working with SFV (Simple File Verification) format files. Full documentation is [available here?].

cashew.utils.UTest -- 0.2.4

Unittest prettification. Provides a means to create consistant unittest output and grouping within modules. Used throughout Cashew's own unittests.