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= Bindings for the Windows API =\r\n\r\n== Announcement ==\r\nDsource is all but abandoned now. It hasn't been possible to commit to repositories for a while. For this reason, the bindings have now been migrated to GitHub?. For the latest Win32 bindings, please see\r\n *\r\n\r\n== GitHub mirrors ==\r\n\r\n * For the entire bindings repository: (updated hourly)\r\n * Just the win32 package (usable as a submodule): (updated hourly)\r\n * AndrejMitrovic's outdated mirror: (more information)\r\n\r\n== Project description ==\r\n\r\n * browse the source\r\n * download a snapshot of latest revision in SVN (.zip)\r\n * download DMD-compatible static library (.lib) files (.zip)\r\n\r\nThis project is a translation of the MinGW API for MS-Windows, and is being led by Stewart Gordon. (The files in the DirectX folder are not based on MinGW.)\r\n\r\nThe translation effort is ongoing, and needs help to keep it going, both towards it being complete and to keep it up to date. If you are interested in helping, please assign one or more modules to yourself using the module list and refer to the translation instructions.\r\n\r\nIn order for your programs to link, you may need static libraries when using certain modules. This project includes some DMD-compatible OMF libraries, as well as the linker definition files used to create them.\r\n\r\n * Latest version of the MinGW headers\r\n * Old WindowsAPI page on Wiki4D\r\n * GNU Make for Windows\r\n * Older, D1-compatible version of the bindings