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Lua 5.1.4 in the Bindings Project

Source: trunk/lua Lua 5.1.4 headers, wrapper and mixins.

Author: Matthias Walter (xammy), Trass3r

The lastest revision in development
Zip : download

Old 5.1.3 version:

For examples, see LuaLibExamples

Lua 5.0.2. in the Bindings Project

Source: trunk/lua Lua 5.0.2 .h headers converted to D.

Author: Clay Smith (clayasaurus) (or via svn revision < 265)

Other Lua Bindings

Lua 5.1 bindings for D: "Lua 5.1 headers (modules) for the D programming language. Not everything is converted yet - but will be soon. Stay tuned."

Derelictized version for Lua 5.0.2 by Clay Smith (aka clayasaurus). Apparently the Lua bindings were removed from the SVN with rev 377.

Lua 5.1 bindings using the derelict loader (Derelict Lua bindings)