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Welcome to ArcLib - 2D Game Library

ArcLib is a collection of useful 2D game programming library code. All libraries are dependent on the Arc core, simply known as Arc. Arc contains a core that provides basic windowing, input, drawing, and math functionality. From there, Arc offers several add-ons for advanced features such as OpenAL sound, scenegraph, GUI, 2d physics, freetype font rendering, particle effects, sprites, and a camera system.

Games made with the ArcLib library

Arc v.3

General information:

  • Was under development, however with the split up of ArcLib into separate libraries, the release information has become skewed. In the future, releases will be like Arc Core 1.0, Arc Light v.5, etc. Each library will have its own version number.

Arc v.2

General information:

Arc v.1

General information: