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Welcome to ANLTR-D

ANTLR is the LL(k) parser generator written by Terence Parr of the University of San Francisco.

ANLTR-D is ANLTR, with D source code generation added.

Currently, we have a mildly modified fork of ANTLR v2.7.7, which originated from a
mildly modified fork written by Michael Butscher (many thanks, Michael, wherever you are!).


ANTLR-D has been minimally tested on (meaning it's supposed to work for):

DMD v1.041/Tango
DMD v1.043/Phobos
DMD v2.031/Phobos

As ANTLR is written in Java, there shouldn't be any OS-specific issues running it (but see the readme files).

As the ANTLR v2.7.7 build system is autoconf, there probably will be issues building it

And the ANTLR-D runtime is supposed to be portable

Starting Points -- Home page for ANTLR v2 -- the ANTLR v2 Reference Manual -- Michael Butscher's original implementation