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DerelictGL r582 branch on debian failed. solved!

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Joined: 31 Jul 2011
Posts: 17

PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 3:41 pm    Post subject: DerelictGL r582 branch on debian failed. solved! Reply with quote

r57 something branch worked fine.
I cant make DerelictGL
make -f linux.mak DerelictGL_ALL DC=dmd

nor with gdmd.

Error wrote:
make -C DerelictGL all PLATFORM=linux
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/.../Derelict2/DerelictGL'
dmd -release -O -inline -lib -I../DerelictUtil derelict/opengl/cgl.d derelict/opengl/extfuncs.d derelict/opengl/extloader.d derelict/opengl/exttypes.d derelict/opengl/gl.d derelict/opengl/glext.d derelict/opengl/glfuncs.d derelict/opengl/gltypes.d derelict/opengl/glx.d derelict/opengl/wgl.d -Hd../import/derelict/opengl -oflibDerelictGL.a
derelict/opengl/glx.d(216): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXGetFBConfigs conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXGetFBConfigs at derelict/opengl/glx.d(121)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(217): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXChooseFBConfig conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXChooseFBConfig at derelict/opengl/glx.d(122)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(218): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXGetFBConfigAttrib conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXGetFBConfigAttrib at derelict/opengl/glx.d(123)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(219): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXGetVisualFromFBConfig conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXGetVisualFromFBConfig at derelict/opengl/glx.d(124)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(220): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXCreateWindow conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXCreateWindow at derelict/opengl/glx.d(125)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(221): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXDestroyWindow conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXDestroyWindow at derelict/opengl/glx.d(126)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(222): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXCreatePixmap conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXCreatePixmap at derelict/opengl/glx.d(127)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(223): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXDestroyPixmap conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXDestroyPixmap at derelict/opengl/glx.d(128)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(224): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXCreatePbuffer conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXCreatePbuffer at derelict/opengl/glx.d(129)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(225): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXDestroyPbuffer conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXDestroyPbuffer at derelict/opengl/glx.d(130)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(226): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXQueryDrawable conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXQueryDrawable at derelict/opengl/glx.d(131)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(227): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXCreateNewContext conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXCreateNewContext at derelict/opengl/glx.d(132)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(228): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXMakeContextCurrent conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXMakeContextCurrent at derelict/opengl/glx.d(133)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(229): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXGetCurrentReadDrawable conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXGetCurrentReadDrawable at derelict/opengl/glx.d(134)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(230): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXGetCurrentDisplay conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXGetCurrentDisplay at derelict/opengl/glx.d(135)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(231): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXQueryContext conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXQueryContext at derelict/opengl/glx.d(136)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(232): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXSelectEvent conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXSelectEvent at derelict/opengl/glx.d(137)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(233): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXGetSelectedEvent conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXGetSelectedEvent at derelict/opengl/glx.d(138)
derelict/opengl/glx.d(236): Error: variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXGetProcAddress conflicts with variable derelict.opengl.glx.glXGetProcAddress at derelict/opengl/glx.d(141)
make[1]: *** [dmd_build_gl] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/.../Derelict2/DerelictGL'
make: *** [DerelictGL_ALL] Error 2

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Joined: 05 May 2004
Posts: 1322
Location: Seoul, South Korea

PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've updated the trunk with a fix. It should compile fine for you now.
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Joined: 31 Jul 2011
Posts: 17

PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks new branch r583 works fine.
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