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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 5:57 pm    Post subject: progress? Reply with quote

I see several commits per day for the last several days (in the svn log), but there's no description as to what changes were made. how is dbug coming along? how far away are you from breakpoints and line-by-line stepping?
tbh I have not even ran dbug, the paths don't work out right to the files on my computer. I will see if I can get it running later, but for now I don't really know at all what it is currently capable of.

Also, I noticed there's loads of code in the repository, but some of it is from other projects. How much of the code is actually yours? I'd say the majority of the significant code (core and dmddebug) looks new to me (meaning its not from other projects), but I can't be sure.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2005 12:00 am    Post subject: Re: progress? Reply with quote

Since JT basically answered ctlajoie's question about the status of DBug in the D newsgroup, I figured it might be useful to quote his reply in this topic (I'll just BBCoded it a little)...
JT wrote:
Chris wrote:

I read this as: "I made D decompiler"
that can't be right... can it? I thought the front end is just a parser.


I've been following the progress on dbug for a while.. updating from the repository every few days. TBH I'm not sure exactly what you've been doing with the directory structure lately. But in any case, DBug is full of really neat code. I encourage everyone to check it out. btw, there's an unanswered post on the forums Wink


no no, its not a decompiler. It takes a D program - parses it and produces a symbol tree - this is normally sent to the back end, and right now I have it simply reproducing itself back into D. Mostly for debugging - as what goes in should come back out. Yeah ive been re-organizeing the dir structure a little bit. The focus of the project has shifted a little bit as Im now making a D IDE called Cydonia. Im slowly moving the actual low level debugging library from "dmddebug" to "dbug" and DBug will become the debugging lib. And im moving some of the sub projects like the disassembler into the debugging library etc. Just trying to clean it up a little bit, as it was mostly a bunch of prototype stuff that im slowly trying to work into a release. I hope to have a version .001 or something very soon I just want to tie up a lot of loose ends first.
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