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Installation Information

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2005 11:56 am    Post subject: Installation Information Reply with quote

This package consists of three separate libraries: the Ares standard library, the DMD runtime, and the DMD garbage collector. They are each functionally independent, but all are required to run a D program (ie. it takes all three to replace Phobos). Use of Ares is fairly straightforward:

- The ares zipfile contains the following files and directories:




The supplied phobos.lib is a combination of ares.lib, dmdgc.lib, and dmdrt.lib. It is named phobos.lib because DMD includes this library by default during linking, and overwriting phobos with the ares library is simpler than hex editing dmd.exe. Extract this zipfile into your dmd directory to get started quickly, or extract it elsewhere and copy the files manually if you're a bit more careful.

- Modify dmd/bin/sc.ini to change this line:


to this:


- That's it!

Please note that Ares in its current state contains little more than the minimal code required to build and run a D program (the only optional file is ares.std.atomic). As some applications may not want the bulk of a full standard library (Ares currently builds to a 185K library file while Phobos is over 1MB), the option for producing a minimal Ares library will remain as Ares grows. While Ares currently lacks the niceties from Phobos, it does include nearly a full set of standard C headers (and additional POSIX headers are under development). This should ease the porting of C code to D and should offer a functional alternative to standard Phobos features until Ares matures.
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